Little Tarzan Turned 3  

Posted by Bratty Prince

Mom and dad gave me a simple yet cool birthday party. Now that I turned 3, I portrayed as Little Tarzan in our simple abode decorated by my artistic mom with the help of uncle-lolo daz. It was raining so some of my invited guests weren't able to make it, but still our simple abode was crowded with guests, especially kids.

I am very happy to see a lot of people celebrating with me on my birthday. It's such an honor for me to have a loving and thoughtful mom and dad who never get tired of showing their unconditional love. They often tell me how blessed they are for having me as their son. And I must say that if they feel it that way, I also feel that I'm more blessed for having them as my parents. Thank you mom and dad! I love you both!

Here are some of the photos taken during my 3rd Birthday Party:

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