Merry Christmas!!!  

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Christmastime is the perfect time of the year and I am always looking forward for this momentous event. At first, I thought that it's all about gifts that make Christmas merry to celebrate. But mom told me that it's Jesus' birthday so we all have to sing him praises and glory. But of course, gift-giving has been part of the event so as expected I received more and more gifts even before Christmas. I feel like I'm the one celebrating a birthday hehehe!

Here are some of the gifts I received this Christmas:

Doggie and 3 Little Turtles from Lola-Auntie Neth and Uncle Harry

Converse Shoes and Jersey from Lola-Auntie Neth

P1,000 from Lola-Auntie Neth

A Real Robot from Tita-Ninang Em

A Remote-controlled 4x4 Car from Lola-Auntie Jho

Toys from Uncle Bon

Helicopter from dad

Clothes and bullcap from mom

To Celebrate Christmas in Cavite  

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I was so happy to hear it from mom that she got an overseas call from dad's aunt and we're invited to celebrate Christmas in Cavite. It only means that we'll be traveling again to Manila, which is only 30 minutes away from Cavite.

I am already excited especially that all of my dad's cousins (my titas and tito) will be celebrating Christmas with us. Mom said that I've been there too since dad and her stayed there for almost two years.

I'm sure we'll have a great Christmas this year! I'm looking forward to that...

Manila Getaway!  

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We just arrived home from our Manila getaway. We spent 3 days and 4 nights in Manila at lola-aunt's house in Pasig City. It was not planned actually. My mom had his impulsiveness attack again. Dad got an SMS from his boss informing him of their meeting in Manila. And so mom said that we'll be coming with dad to at least have some time to relax.

It's my first time in Metro Manila so it's expected that I was so engrossed looking at those big buildings, which I call house. And since it's Christmas holidays, almost all places are decorated with Christmas lights. I was overwhelmed and very excited to see more of its like. I also experienced how it is to ride in a very long train, which mom calls MRT. Well, mom and dad said that I've been in Metro Manila for many times already when I was still in my mom's womb. While dad was still in school, mom would wait for him at the mall. And of course, I'm with mom that time so it's not actually the very first time that I set my feet in the big city.

On our first day, we went malling with mom, Uncle Bon, Lolo-Uncle Boylan, Lola-Auntie Edna, Tita Chai and Tito Edronne. The next day, we went malling again with mom and Uncle Bon. On our last day, dad finally able to make it since their meeting ended the night before the third day. My mom, dad and I went to Mall of Asia and later that afternoon, Uncle Bon and Uncle Boylan joined us at the mall after their work. We didn't waste time so we had a lot of photos taken, strolled around the mall and eat our hearts out. Mom and dad had to rush shopping since our trip was 8:30 that evening. And I can see how disappointed my mom was for not being able to find an item for her. She even tried to ask dad if we can move our scheduled trip. Well, dad said NO since he has to work the next day. At exactly 8:30 we arrived at Philtranco Bus Terminal. Thank God we're not late.

Here are some of the photos taken during our Manila Getaway:

Little Tarzan Turned 3  

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Mom and dad gave me a simple yet cool birthday party. Now that I turned 3, I portrayed as Little Tarzan in our simple abode decorated by my artistic mom with the help of uncle-lolo daz. It was raining so some of my invited guests weren't able to make it, but still our simple abode was crowded with guests, especially kids.

I am very happy to see a lot of people celebrating with me on my birthday. It's such an honor for me to have a loving and thoughtful mom and dad who never get tired of showing their unconditional love. They often tell me how blessed they are for having me as their son. And I must say that if they feel it that way, I also feel that I'm more blessed for having them as my parents. Thank you mom and dad! I love you both!

Here are some of the photos taken during my 3rd Birthday Party:

Halloween Party 2008  

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The most awaited event has come to its end so allow me to show you how I participated and enjoyed much at the Halloween Party held at Landco Plaza this afternoon.

This is how spiderkiddo creates his spiderweb

GIF animations generator
Me wearing my Spiderman shades and my Spiderman buddy

Mima and Uncle Jom-Jom tagged along with mom and I. The party started with a Halloween Party Trick or Treat, and we had it at the 3rd/F Pacific Mall. Mom accompanied me while Mima and Uncle Jom-Jom waited on their seats at the plaza. It was fun and I got a lot of candies to munch on later. But I must admit I got tired and so with mom since we almost run after Hetty as we dropped by at every store in the 3rd floor.

GIF animations generator
Halloween Trick or Treat

Spiderkiddo ramped at the stage for the Halloween Party Fashion Show

GIF animations generator
@ Fashion Show

Here are some of the photos taken at the party...

GIF animations generator

Happy Halloween peeps!

Spiderkiddo @ His Spider Web  

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Mom let me wore my Spiderkid costume, which happens to be my 1st Birthday Party costume. It's too big on me at the age of 1, but now that I'll be turning 3 mom and I were just so happy that this costume perfectly fits on me now. And yes, I'll be wearing this again in the upcoming Jollibee Halloween Party.

GIF animations generator

As expected, mom can't get enough of me the moment I put on this costume at home. She took out her cam and voila! Whew!

A 'Lil Vampire Prince  

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I will be joining a Halloween Party hosted by Jollibee Restaurant. And it'll already be next week, but until now mom can't decide what costume I will be wearing on that day. So we decided to go to LCC Mall to find a Halloween costume.

Look what my tricky mom did to me...

A 'Lil Vampire @ the Mall

Mom said I looked cute wearing this costume, but when she checked on the price tag she just muttered these words, "Oh, never mind!" hahaha! Well, it's really expensive and impractical so mom said that she will let me try to fit my 1st Birthday Party Costume-Spiderman.

Pika-chu - My All-Time Fave Pokemon  

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I got this from my very thoughtful daddy. Dad has just arrived from his trip to Quezon. And as what he promised me, he bought me this Pika-chu, my all-time favorite Pokemon!

And not just that, he also bought me a Pokemon DVD with 30+ series. I've been watching this cartoon show early in the morning via GMA Network. Now that I already have with me this Pokemon DVD, I can watch all the series at anytime I want to.

Thanks so much dad! You're the best!

Photo of the Day: Well-Behaved  

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Mom and I went malling yesterday and I got so excited since I seldom go out of the house especially when dad is not here. But before leaving the house, mom took her cam and as usual, I had to smile wickedly so as not to ruin my mom's fine day. She's in good mood as of yesterday. I hope she stays that way or else I'll be scolded again. huhuhu!

A well-behaved me with my foolish smirk!

Two Different Roles in a Day  

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Uncle Jom-Jom came here yesterday and found him wearing a big hanky on his head while he's holding a pirate's sword. It was part of his costume as a pirate during their Intramurals. He gave me the sword and let me wore the big hanky on my head.

So for that day, I had two roles to portray...

a pirate in the making

Naughty Holdaper, lol!

Alas Dose Na!  

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I'm an early bird who instead of catching the early worms, wakes up my mom from her super looong sleep. She used to wake up almost near lunch time and by that time I am already starved because mom is just about to cook for our lunch. So to wake her up, I would often shout at her with this line, "Mommy, alas dose na!" I get used to it so whether it's morning, afternoon or evening, I always say, "alas dose na!" I associated the line whenever I want to tell them that "hey! it's already late. hurry up!"

Just this afternoon, we had a little shopping and ate out with dad, Uncle Jom-Jom and mima. Mom was choosing a wristwatch for Uncle Jom-Jom and I am bragging my mom to buy me a wristwatch too. She hesitated since I don't know how to check the time yet. But I insisted that I already know how to tell the time, and once again, I was proud to tell them aloud that it's already 12 noon. And they all laughed at me. Sigh!

But since mom calls me as her bratty prince, she just gave in and asked me which among those wristwatches that I like most. I was about to choose the spiderman wristwatch, but mom said that the color black superman wristwatch looks nicer than the blue spiderman. Well, my mom knows best so what can I do?

Anyway, thanks to you mom! I love you!

@ Mima's Humble Abode  

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We spent the whole day out with mom, dad, mima and Uncle Jom-Jom...

Before we went home, we dropped by at Mima's house, which is just a walking distance away from home...and for my quick visit...

Got a Superman wristwatch, OK?!

ay, c dyesebel! wow legs! hahaha!

d ah! macho, gwapito raw akoooo....

Pasalubong: Anime Warriors  

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These are my dad's pasalubong for me when he arrived from his trip to Manila.

Anime Warriors

All these anime warriors are made of rubber. Mom helped me out in assembling them and we were amazed of how pretty and sexy the lady warriors are, lol! Mom envied them especially Kisaragi Honey. As for Black Claw, his costume is great and I like his pointed sword a lot.

China Honey

Cutie Honey

Cobalt Claw

Black Claw

and the sexiest of them all...

Kisaragi Honey

Dad promised to bring me a "pasalubong" everytime he comes home from his outbased work. And I always get excited when he's coming home.

Thank you so much dad! I love you!

A Wish Come True  

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Few weeks ago, I asked mom if she could buy me my own table and chair. You see, mom is always busy in her own desk. And I also wanted to have my own desk where I could do my kiddie tasks like coloring books, drawing, building blocks (lego), etc.

Just this afternoon, mom and dad tagged me along at the mall where we searched for a kiddie study table and chair. Mom was supposed to buy that not-so-cool study table and chair. But before she could pay for it, I told her that I don't like it. I headed to another sets of kiddie furniture to look for a best buy.

And guess what?! I found the best one so far...

A Pokemon Study Table & Chair

I made sure that it's what mom had paid for so I checked the box if Pokemon is there.

As soon as we arrived home, dad grabbed his screw driver and started assembling my furniture. And he was able to assemble it in just less than an hour. Dad loves me so much hehehe!

Front and Side View

My little chair

Rianne Nicole's 1st Birthday Party!  

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A week ago, I got an invitation from Rianne Nicole (my mom's 2nd cousin=my aunt) inviting me to attend her first birthday party. And she just turned 1 today. The party was held at Graceland where I met Gweeny in person. I had so much fun even before the party had started.

While waiting for the other guests to arrive, the kids are playing around and so I mingled with them. I joined them riding on the merry go round. I heard the music playing so I went to the center and had my moves. I don't mind the people looking at me. In fact, I love looking at them smiling at me whenever I dance.

Then the party started with games. Of course, I joined the other kids, and guess what?! I was the winner for 3 consecutive games. I was so happy to receive the prizes, especially the Garfield stickers.

I was so tired but the experience had made my day so wonderful and exciting. After the games, I filled my tummy with oh so yummy food served at the party...Everybody seems to be busy with their food, I decided to break the silence when I grabbed the microphone at the table. I just dunno if they understand my lyrics...I'm singing a Korean song then, lolz!

I will post the photos and vid as soon as I got it from mom...

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Photo Shoots with Mom  

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Mom can't get enough of me so before we had our lunch date, she took out her cam and what else do you think would happen next...

1, 2, 3...say cheese!

Alright mom, I am giving you 2 thumbs up!

Last pose, ayt mom?! I'm starving!

Okay so after the last post, mom finally kept the cam and we left the house...

Getting Naughty at the Church  

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It's Sunday, so we went at the Pentecostal Church to hear the Holy Mass. And the naughty me had a great time playing around after the mass.

Running away from dad...

Stop the cam! Stop the cam!

Here I am dadee...

You can't catch me dad, lolz!

A few minutes later, "Dadeee! u-u ako...". Yea, it's so gross but you can't blame me. It's my call of nature hahaha! When I looked at dad, I saw him blushing with shame because a lot of people were staring at us hahaha!